HER Fund is a registered charitable organization in Hong Kong founded in 2004. We strive to promote women's human rights and gender equality. Our main tasks include raising funds and making grants to local women's organizations which share the same vision as that of HER Fund. We have supported more than 50 projects run by different non-government organizations in Hong Kong since our establishment.

We raise funds by various fundraising events, including "88 Days Campaign" every year in March. We also depend on our monthly donors' support.

Other than raising funds in Hong Kong, we also receive funding from international women's funds. At present our core overseas funders are Mama Cash and Global Fund for Women

You can download our annual report fora more detailed financial report.

However, solely rely on funding from overseas is not sustainable enough. We need local individuals, corporations and organizations' participation to work as a team with us in order to develop a caring and continuous local support for promoting women's rights and gender equality in Hong Kong.

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HER Fund is set up by a group of committed women, and through grant-making as a major tool supports different women's project in Hong Kong. These women's projects are mostly marginalized, less-funded and always being neglected by mainstream charity. Through our various fundraising events, we aim to raise funds for these women's projects, and also raise public awareness about women's rights and gender equality.

Like other registered charitable organizations, all donations of HK$100 or above are tax-deductible.

We support organizations and groups that support women's human rights; encourage women's personal autonomy; work with women in marginalized sectors of society; dare to take up new and difficult issues and support women's efforts to instigate social change. We have supported more than 50 women's projects with the total of more than $1,000,000 to promote women's rights and create a better society for women since our establishment. For example, we have supported grassroots women co-operatives' self help groups for self development and mutual support; subsidized women's groups to develop website so as to provide more channels for women to speak out; made grants to research projects to unveil the needs and problems of women in marginalized sector, etc.

In addition, we have delivered school talks in order to strengthen teenagers' knowledge on women's rights and gender equality through community education work and to encourage the spread of this message.

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Our main task is to make grants to various projects which promote women's rights, empower women and create social change. We also organize talks and forums to share our views and ideas about women's work in Hong Kong. All these events could make a better society for women and for all.

The missions of HER Fund include not only protecting women's rights, but also eliminate sex discrimination and to promote gender equality. We truly believe that a harmonious society with gender equality is good for both men and women. Moreover, most women are carers at home, they care for their family, children and elders. Therefore, the well being of carers therefore is vital to the whole family and the society. It is important to care for the carers too.

Yes, the situation of gender equality has improved increasingly in the past 10 years and how it is also contributed by the persistent effort of the struggle to gain gender equality. However, some women especially those from the disadvantaged sectors are still being neglected. For example, under gender division of labour and traditional thinking like "men are breadwinners; women are homemakers in the family", most women take up the role of carer after marriage, when even working women have to bear both caring and working roles. The unpaid labour at home brings definite benefits to society, but they cannot enjoy nor be protected by any comprehensive old age benefits when they get old. In the labour market, most of the low paid jobs and unskilled part-time jobs are taken up by women. According to 2006 By-Census, the median monthly income of working women (foreign domestic helpers excluded) and working men in elementary occupation was $5,000 and $7,000 respectively; moreover, around 78% of workers who monthly income less than HK$5,000 are women. Gender equality is still not yet fully realized in all sectors of society.

Women with different background in society face different problem due to gender inequality: single mothers are unable to look for jobs because they have to take care of their children; homemakers sacrifice their personal development opportunity because they have to take care of the whole family; ordinary women face sexual violence or abuse in every 5 hours ; women taking care of the family, work as part-time to support family expenses are not being protected under the labour law; even more-educated women have to make double effort in order to get recognition in her workplace than their men counterpart. Therefore women from all walks of life face different problems and difficulties due to gender inequalities which are imbedded in our values, thinking, social policy and within the social community.

Ways to support HER Fund:
By Online Donation
By Credit Card
By Bank Autopay (only for monthly donation)
By Crossed Cheque
By Bank-in Donation to Standard Chartered Bank Account: 301-101-5301-1
By Bank-in Donation to Bank of China Bank Account: 012-898-1-036069-0
By Legacy Giving
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Your donation means a lot to us and women in Hong Kong. Your donation not only supports different women's projects to enhance women's quality of life and well being, it also shows your support and commitment in promoting gender equality in Hong Kong.


We truly believe making donation should depend on donor's willingness and ability, therefore we welcome your donation no matter how big or small it is. Even be our monthly donor, HK$100 every month probably is the same amount as dine out in an evening, we believe most people in Hong Kong can afford it, the key is whether we support women's rights and gender equality.

Other than financial support, you are welcome to be our volunteer. We need volunteer in our office and various fundraising activities. At the same time, introduce us to your family and friends to make us popular!