HER Fund are inviting partners to walk the journey with us to create positive changes for women's rights and gender equality, and platforms for marginalized women, girls and transgenders to speak out and to be heard in different sectors.

We welcome all kinds of partnership. If you have any thoughts, ideas or initiatives, please email


Corporate & Foundation Partner

We are proud to have support by the following long-term partners in terms of donation, professional advice, and technical support.

- Linklaters makes a half-year donation on supporting marginalized women and girls' organizations to join HER Hub's training on communications in 2017-18.

 - An anonymous Family foundation gives us a 3-year monetary grant to support our grant-making in 2015-17.

 - Kering Foundation has funded our three-year project namely "Empowering Marginalized Women Combating Domestic Violence" since 2016. 

 - An anonymous family foundation financially supports our three-year capacity building project and the start-up of our new programme HER Hub in 2013-15.


Campaign Partner

As a community women's fund, we always need campaign partners to make our local resources mobilization successful. If you have any thoughts, ideas or initiatives, please email

We are grateful to have the following partners: 

- HER Fund conducts the re-branding project with assistance of the social enterprise LocalMotion in 2016-2018.

- Run for Infinity which was a local running event held in 2017 invited HER Fund as the event beneficiary.

- Sundream Motion Pictures invited HER Fund as the event beneficiary of the charity premiere of Suffragette in 2015. 

- HER Fund and SHTB Racewalk Association co-organized "Racewalk for HER" in 2014 and 2015. All donations were contributed to HER Fund. 

- IPSA released their Face Color Designing Palettes at discount prices in 2014. 5% of the proceeds were donated to HER Fund.  

- FM Power Theatre reran their big hit show "Women Red" in 2014. . Part of the proceeds of the performance were assigned to HER Fund.

- Glam-it! released their GlamPact all-in-one makeup compacts. All proceeds were given to HER Fund in 2013.

- Bobbi Brown invited HER Fund as the beneficiary of Pretty Powerful Campaign in 2013


Your support is extremely important for us to make social changes together.



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