Rights Education

One of the important that HER Fund does is to raise gender awareness within the civil society (general public) in Hong Kong. We have organized various talks with secondary schools' and universities' students, women's organizations and NGOs in the community, sharing with them the current situation of women in Hong Kong and to raise awareness on women's rights and gender equality.

We believe in cooperative effort and we welcome invitations from the community to give talks on women's issues. Please contact us at 2794-1100 or email info@herfund.org.hk for details and arrangement. 


“HER Human Library” - Direct Dialogue‧Free from Prejudice

Some women are being labeled because of their race, type of work, gender identity, sexual orientation, migration status and so on. We regularly organize “HER Human Library” by inviting marginalized women as “Human Books” to share their life stories and interact with participants and creating equal and sincere dialogues between “Human Books” and “Readers” in order to eliminate the labeling and prejudices


The previous activities are as follows: